Please note that all palo santo bundles are not able to be shipped overseas. 

Due to custom laws, they can only be shipped within Australia.


1x Palo Santo Stick


Palo Santo is believed to have purifying properties within that helps to ease pain and stress when burned it is traditionally used to clear negative energy and purify spaces, people and objects. The scent of burning Palo Santo is calming and relaxing. It is known for its grounding and focusing effect which can enhance creativity, productivity and increase good fortune. 




Cleansing is the ritual used to cleanse the energy of your home, yourself and others, your crystals and other objects. Cleansing has also been used to help connect to the spiritual realm and enhance intuition.


The practice of white sage cleansing (smudging) is sacred in many Native American communities and deserves respect, it should always be done with positive intentions and gratitude.


Everyone has their own unique way of cleansing, do what feels right for you but to help you out I have created a step by step guide along with some important tips to help guide you along the way. 



This product is organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.