Weight: 11grams


Clear Quartz - Q1A

The stone of ultimate power


While Clear quartz is the most versatile of all crystals with many properties attached to it like stimulating your intentions and spiritual development. It’s especially helpful for protection against negativity and helping control how we think about and perceive situations.  Clear quartz cleans and amplifies the energy of all other crystals, It can be programmed for any intention and will help clear your mind bringing you mental clarity. 


Chakra(s): All                                                                                       

Zodiac: All                                                                           

Element: Fire                                                                                

Properties: Protection, Cleansing, Healing, Power and Enhancing.                          

Energy: Clear quartz will protect against All Negativity. It stimulates your intentions, Physic visions, Spiritual development, Harmony and so much more.