The best gift is giving something from your heart, something meaningful, something magical... just like crystals. 


Looking for a gift for someone but your not exactly sure what to buy.. We have you covered with our digital gift cards. 

There will be no more rushing to the shops to find a last minute gift for your sister because *oops* it's her birthday tomorrow and you totally forgot!


With a meaningful gift card your loved one will will be able to choose exactly what speaks to them. 

You can personalise a gift card and have it sent straight to their email, phone or you can print it from home. 


When you purchase one of our digital gift cards you will receive instructions on how to redeem it, you will not be sent a physical gift card.



eGift Card

$20 - $200
You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own.
  1. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. 

  2. Resale of Gift cards is prohibited.

  3. Gift cards do not have an expiry date.

  4. If a Gift card is lost, stolen, damaged/destroyed, or used without permission. A replacement will not be provided in these circumstances. 

  5. Gift cards are not to be combined with any other vouchers and are not included with any promos or offers. 

  6. When you purchase one of our digital gift cards it will be sent to the person you are gifting it to via email.

  7. How to redeem your gift card? When you check out there will be an option to redeem a gift card where the other payment options are.

  8. You will not be sent a physical gift card.